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Simply Z-Best Car Wax (1 - 16oz blt free shipping

Simply Z-Best Car Wax (1 - 16oz blt free shipping

SKU: 0001
  • Simply Z-Best is a non-abrasive, swirl free, Carnauba formula car wax. Z-Best enhances all automotive finishes including newer cars with clear coats and will restore oxidized finishes to a lustrous clear shine. Z-Best cleans, waxes and protects. The cleaners in Z-Best will instantly dissolve road tar, bird stains, grease, road film and bug marks...




One drop of Z-Best on a dry cloth will go as far as you arm can go. Wax half of your hood before you need another drop to wax the other half. Continue this process until entire car is fully waxed. While the application is still wet and hazy, wipe off with clean, dry cloth. Z-Best can also be used with a buffing wheel.

Apply every 6 months to maintain a showroom shine!

  • free shipping

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